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Braids & Bank Holiday Beats

I spent this bank holiday weekend sipping Mojito’s, whilst listening to techno/house DJ Jamie Anne Leech’s set at The Alchemist Spinningfield’s.

It was so much fun. This Geordie is the perfect lass to get you in the party mood with her classic tunes & soulful house. After snapping away for the beginning part of the evening, I made sure I took time to relax & of course, drink plenty of cocktails. I soon realised how talented this girl was at creating a feel good atmosphere. The mood slowly changed as the lights went dimmer, crowd got bigger & beats got groovier.

I’ve styled Jamie’s hair for previous gigs & photoshoots, her edgy, monochrome style allows me to be creative in my style choices. It’s great to sample out a different approach compared to my usual wedding/bridal styling. I love testing various messy braids and casual, laid back looks on Jamie.

Jamie wanted a braided style for this event. I chose to mix an inverted braid at the front alongside a normal side, messy fishbraid. I chose to keep the style tight with less volume due to the equipment Jamie was using during her set. This style was secure and avoided her usual frizzy, static headphone hair.

To enlarge the braid I used my pull out technique on the two braids (see previous blog post). To finish off the style I used a shine and Wella hairspray.

DSC_0027DSC_0029DSC_0025_01DSC_0018DSC_0010_01 Jamie Anne Leech


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