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The perfect wedding morning

As most of you know I love anything to do with weddings & wedding planning. I finally feel ready to give my advice to you all after being a bridesmaid at the weekend for my friend, Carly. With three years experience of styling wedding hair, I have attended lots of different brides’ wedding mornings. I love them! However, being a bridesmaid for the first time allowed me to see a wedding from a different angle. Below, I’ve put some tips together to help the bride and bridesmaids plan a very special morning.

Bridesmaids, by the time it comes to the wedding morning you’ve already given the bride to be the best hen weekend of her life. On this day it is your job to ensure the bride is kept stress free. Always ensure the bride is not running around & has time to sit down, take everything in & enjoy getting ready. If any issues crop up, it is your job to take control of them. Chief bridesmaid, you have a few extra responsibilities.

59fc30e9715948c94cf7287063389a4a14021724_10153866495293479_9004278389705073297_nAn easy task for bridesmaids! This is chosen by the bride and groom to be. If the bride is going to get ready at home, bridesmaids should help prepare the house a couple of days before. A nice clean house looks lovely on wedding photos. If you want to go all out, decorate the house with fresh flowers, bunting & balloons. Prepare for the photographer by hanging your dresses out in a separate room. Photographers will usually ask for the bride’s perfume, shoes and any special bits to add to the photos. If your getting ready in a hotel room the same applies. It is the venue’s responsibility to take control of the wedding plans, bridesmaids can communicate with the venue to ensure the preparation for the wedding is underway.                       30f49e13b82fec2ef52e272473c29cae14079907_10157272768395484_3208511370902186872_n

The bride & groom should always book their transportation face to face and chose a reliable company with good reviews. Wedding transport should be booked 6-12 months in advance. Brides, remember to speak to your company a week before to double confirm the address and time the transport should arrive. Last but not least allow enough time to get to your venue.

The bride & groom will choose their florist and should have a second meeting close to the wedding. Here, the bride can discuss arrangements & times to drop off the flowers, any changes to the flowers and to confirm the quantity of the flowers.

The florist should drop the flowers with the bride & groom a couple of hours before the wedding. Bridesmaids should count the number of bouquets delivered as sometimes they can get dropped off with the wrong people. It is always handy for the chief bridesmaid to have the contact details for the florist. If the florist is running late it can be their job to contact them, one less thing for the bride to do!

c66af75616c03634a13c3fa4bfc2164614079787_10153866495968479_122624262881790277_n Prior to the wedding the bride & groom shouldmake sure the photographer has the correct address and any other questions or requests they may have are dealt with. Provide your photographer with a list of important people you want to be involved in your photographs. Brides, it may helps to select a key person (chief bridesmaid or best man) to assist with rounding everyone up at this stage.     400ea964dd30a3493cbad3670b9f5c68 DSC_0001Ensure the artists have the address of the wedding venue and there is available parking for them. Confirm the time of arrival and what time the bride wants her party ready for. Paying the artist beforehand is one less task to do on the day. It helps to give the party more time, make sure the bride has plenty of time to get in her dress & is not last to get her hair and make up done.bed1abefadd842451248209ec25f4c11DSC_0009

It is a really nice idea for the bride to give gifts for their bridesmaids. Big or small, buy or make something to show how much you appreciate your girls.

I always like it when the bride receives a sentimental gift from her bridesmaids, this can set the mood for the whole day and show how much the bride means to her bridesmaids. These gifts can include DIY gifts, photo frames, candles or engraved gifts.


Brides, enjoy getting ready with the girls on your special day. Matching PJs, dressing gowns and slippers can help with that slumber party vibe. Personalised gifts look pretty on photos, for example DIY coat hangers or champagne flutes.

d2a93a25d5b11e379b342370805a08a614022167_10157272767710484_1924546137250727765_nBreakfast is essential on the big day. Although the bride & bridesmaids may not feel like eating you will need energy later on in the day. Provide the party with nibbles, bakery products or fresh fruit, this can be a better alternative to a bloating fry up. Plan to buy fizz for a extra special toast just before the bride leaves.f2f0554c469fa1175968b37c37f3339913939538_10153866399333479_8002378945534990836_nPrepare a playlist before to set the mood to your wedding morning. Include your favourite tunes to carry you along until its time to say I do.  be0ce4c8cf34d57f4de56839ca516e4c13962523_10153865727303479_2375260713996507410_nAlthough this may not be the bridesmaid’s responsibility, it doesn’t harm to check in with your friend’s husband to be to see if he’s thought of a gift for his bride.fa29de0442c2222a0a61abd962f0169e14063913_10153866399628479_8294595816993957009_nBefore you know it, it will be time for the bride to get in her dress. Dresses can be complicated to put on, ensure the bride has chosen a designated person to help her into the dress. This person should attend the final bridal fitting with the bride, this will help them practice with the dress maker & avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.



Photographs taken from The Ashton Wedding

MUA : Heather Rose 

Hair : Charlotte Rose 

Special thanks to Carly’s MOH Laura for making Carly’s morning so special 


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