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Planning the Perfect Hen Party

So my next post is all about ways to help plan a perfect hen party. Whilst reading this you may be thinking this does not apply to me right now however it’s more than likely that at some point you will be asked to be included in a bridal party. Whether you’re the hen, bridesmaid, mother of the bride or groom etc if you’re invited to a hen party your responsible for giving the bride to be a fun filled weekend.

This year so far I’ve been responsible for planning two hen parties for my big sister. One of the hen parties was abroad and the other in the UK. If you’re like me and love organising you will enjoy spending lots of time with planning and organising it however some bridesmaids may find it more difficult as hen parties require lots of imagination, planning, co-ordination and leading skills. Therefore I thought this post would be even more useful for girls that don’t know where to start when it comes to planning a hen party.

If your currently planning a hen do, trust me I know that it can be stressful. There can be lots of pressure to get it right. It’s not just the bride you have to please but the rest of the hens and if there’s a large group with different tastes and opinions this can be difficult. For me the panic began when booking the flights for 15 ladies, I had ultimate airport fright that something was going to go wrong during boarding the plan. I kept on thinking over and over to myself, have I got everyone’s name correct? Would the girls all arrive on time? So… whatever it is, I’m sure at one point you’re going to have bumps and problems to solve on the road to planning your amazing hen party.


So your close friend has just got engaged and has chosen you as a bridesmaids and it’s time to start planning…

Have a good talk to the bride to be about what she wants to do for her hen party. Does she want a hen do abroad or hen party in the UK? Your friend may fancy a weekend away in a cottage or house, or a more relaxed party for example a garden or house party. Whatever she chooses you need to ensure that you have a clear budget as although the bride to be and bridesmaids may want to fork out, trust me your hens wont! Deciding who to invite on the hen party is the brides responsibility but this can also be tricky. Try to be sensible with who she is inviting and if you think certain groups and ages may not mix plan a separate event.

Before you contact the hens start to research… I researched lots before choosing the location of the hen do. I had lots to think about for example the price, weather, time of year etc. Contact the hens you will be inviting, inform them of the budget, location and any additional costs so they know the cost from the start. You can never be too organised especially when planning a weekend abroad, book you flights and accommodation as early as possible that way you can get the best price. Ensure you research the best and most central locations to stay, accommodation reviews, things to do, currency, travel time and what the city offers in terms of bars and night life. Ensure you have your transport to and from the airport organised and travelling around the city mapped out before you go as the hens will look to the person organising the hen do for directions. An amazing app to use is City Mapper which tells you the quickest route to your destinations out of all of the transport options available in that city.

Collecting money is one of the worst responsibilities when organising a hen party this should be the chief’s duty. A useful tip or mine is to create an excel page or hand write a list of names and where they are up to with payments, its important that you  keep up to date with who has paid. A WhatsApp group is also a great tool to use for sending group information however when it comes to collecting money a private message is usually more direct. On my sisters hen luckily the group were really good at paying but I’ve heard from other bridesmaids that they have been chasing money for months – not fun!!!

Ideas for abroad activities…

  • Open top bus
  • Cocktails
  • Roof top bars
  • Prosecco Picnic
  • Flamenco dancing, Salsa dancing etc
  • Beer Bikes
  • Boat Trip
  • Fancy dress night out
  • Beach Activities
  • Spa Day
  • Guided City Tours
  • Segway Tour
  • Off Roading
  • Soak up the culture of the country for example wine tasting, food and local markets
  • Bar Crawl
  • Water Sports
  • Pool Parties

Ensure your activities are already booked before you get there and any deposits are paid off beforehand. Give the hens a brief overview of how much money they will need and how much activities cost. You may want to create a decorated guest itinerary to send prior to the hen. Arrive to your activities on time and research and organise travelling to a from the location. Activities on home hen do’s can be very different as hens are more up for a busy, jam packed weekend whereas abroad hen parties tend to be more relaxed as there’s better weather and a lot more culture to take in.

Ideas for UK hen parties…

  • Murder Mystery
  • Horse Riding
  • Spa Day
  • Butler in the Buff
  • Cocktail Making
  • Cookery Classes
  • Craft Classes
  • Total Wipe out
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Private Chef
  • Cheesy Dance Classes
  • Pool Party
  • Glamping
  • A day to the races
  • Concert
  • Gin/Rum/Wine tasting
  • Themed house of garden parties for example flamingo, spice girls, 60’s, mexican, Hawaiian

With sites ready available to inspire and pick idea from you may end up wanting to buy everything for your bride. Believe me, it all adds up and you can end up spending a fortune. My advice for decorating and accessories is to buy your products from cheaper shops like Ebay and Amazon. Other sites such as ASOS, Boohoo and Missguided have recently released their hen party ranges which also sell accessories for good prices. Buy over time and pick up bits each month. Another tip is make things yourself (DIY) an example of this is a ‘hen do photo booth’ I created for under £10 using cardboard from paper chase, super glue, gold cut out letters and artificial flowers. You can also ask the hens to contribute for hen party extras, if you keep your costs down on activities and accommodation costs this is a great idea… I’m talk £5-£20 though no more.


To give your girlfriends an extra special weekend plan and make lots of little surprises to give to her throughout the weekend. The list in endless with ways you can show how much you appreciate her. Try not to shy away from the hen do tack and cringey games like Mr & Mrs even if this isn’t the brides taste, remember she has no control and it doesn’t hurt anyone to make things a little embarrassing for her. There are lots of game ideas on the internet, my favourite are Mr & Mrs, How old is the bride, the toilet roll game, Drinking games and pin the p***s on the groom.  See below our little extras we planned for my sister throughout her hen party weekend…







hen do 8

hen do 6

hen party 7bcf5f019444b71e05dbcaf6dc732f783

                                   Thanks again for reading, lots of love                                     12b13e1fb62fe03b9039600c319d52b9


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