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Summer Braids


My obsession for braids started a couple of years back from photographs on sites of all types of pretty braids and hairstyles, I was somehow not satisfied with just looking and wanted to be able to create similar styles myself. I always have my friends to thanks for and their persistent asks for me to style their hair at a weekend or to braid plaits for them to go to work in the next day as this is how I practised and developed my hair styling skills. If it wasn’t for them I probably wouldn’t of ever found my passion or had the confidence to set up my own hair buisness.

As most of you know I am a self taught hair stylist and this is something I am very proud of. Although having the option back when I was 18 to train as a hairstylist I turned the option down and years later discovered my passion for styling hair instead of colouring and cutting. Braiding is not just about learning to create what you see on a picture, for me creating a hair style is similar to designing a project or creating a piece of intricate art work. When offering a hair service I suddenly realised it wasn’t just about being able to french braid or straighten hair it really was much more. Its only over time that I’ve grown and been able to understand what makes a client happy with their hair, this is having the skills to see what the client is imagining and by having the experience and knowledge as a hair stylist to be able to advise the client on ways to make the style look the most effective. Putting all this together can be tricky and its only know I realise how far I’ve come from the person a couple of years ago who wanted to put up hair.

On this weeks blog post I thought I would share with you some of my favourite braided styles. Summer really is the best time to get imaginative with your hair and braids are such a fun way to do this.



So why choose a braid?

. Depending on your braiding skills there are many tutorials out there to help develop your braiding skills just type in Youtube and start practising. For beginners start of by practising simple three stranded braids.

. Remember simple and easy braids can be just as effective as complicated ones.

. Braids are one of the most prettiest styles you can choose from

. Make sure the braid you choose compliments your shape face for example if your face shape suits hair off your face then tight slicker braid may suit you however if your like me and need strands of hair around your face chose looser braids may be a better option.

.Braids can be positioned anywhere so ensure your comfortable with how the style looks and feels to you personally.

. If all else fails stalk the friend who can braid, use their skills for your event.

. Braids are secure and will last, they are less likely to frizz or fall out and should stay secure in all types of weather including wet or hot and humid weather.

. There is a braid out there for all styles, short, long, curly, straight, thin and thick hair.

. Accessorize your braid to compliment your outfit. Whether you choose a flower, braid ring, hair chalk, hair chain or simply braid material through your braids the list is endless and they all can have a great impact on the finishes look.

. There are many styling products out their to assist you with your braid. If your braiding on thick and slippery hair then a texturing spray or balm will help you grip the hair. If your hair is thinner, dryer or has been coloured then all you may need is a light hair spray.

Waves & a Twisted Braid

Dutch Tight Braids & Sleek Pony

Diagonal Partings

jenny edited
Chunky Braids

jk (2)
Dutch Braid

Loose Waves & Crown Braid

Braids & Space Buns

Hair Rings

Dutch Messy Fish Braid

Simple French Braid

Crown Braids with a mix of Briaids

Curls, Braid and Gypsophilia

Two Dutch Braids

Single Braided Style with Pony

Thank you for reading once again, 12b13e1fb62fe03b9039600c319d52b9


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